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Updates / Game schedule
1. TeamHB week
Here are the main events that happen in TeamHB world (server time):
Daily/weekly update
Transfers - Every day at 01:00 AM
Construction update - Every day at 00:30 AM
Injuries - Every day at 02:00
Training - Every Monday at 04:00 AM
Youth players pull reset - Every 1st and 15th of the month
Economy update (plus wages, income and expenses) - Every Wednesday at 04:00 AM
League games - Saturday/Sunday
Regional Cup games - Tuesday/Wednesday
Friendly games - Monday
League of Champions games - Thursday
Game processing
Non-cup games are processed (update of player/game stats, league tables) about 10 minutes after the games have finished.
Cup games are processed (update of player/game stats, draw for next round) about 1 hour and 40 minutes after the games have started – this gives enough time for: normal playing time (2x30min), first overtime (2x5min), second overtime (2x5min) and penalty throws (10 min) + about 10 minutes for the game processing to start.

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