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Why supporter account?
As you are already aware, you can play TeamHB totally free of charge. However, running a game like TeamHB takes a lot of effort and costs a lot of money, so we need your help.
And here is where the Supporter account steps in. Supporter is your way of showing us that you like the game and that you want to see it go on. And in return, we give you a set of special features that will make TeamHB even more pleasurable to play. You won't gain any direct advantages in the game (that wouldn't be fair towards others), but will get a set of great extra features like your own cheerleader group, option to upload your own badge or community avatar, and similar great features (see below for full list).
Supporter features
Save your preferred tactics!
Why would you create tactics from scratch for each match, when you can save up to 10 tactical masterpieces which can be loaded into your tactical module with a press of a button?

Training reports
You will receive a training report each and every week directly from your coaching staff, so you will know exactly who trained well and gained a skill or two.

Detailed player training info
You will be able to check the training details for each of your players, so you will know exactly how far the player is from increasing a certain skill.

Team badge
You are able to upload your own team badge that will be displayed on your team profile screen.

Yes, with the Supporter account your team will get a very own cheerleader group! And you will be able to choose the girls yourself (well, you are the boss anyway!)

Sort by skill on spreadsheet view
As a supporter, you are able to sort your players by skills on the spreadsheet view.

Other Supporters will be able to sign your own guestbook!

Press releases
You will be able to write press releases that will be published on your team profile page. What better way to let the world know of your 40-10 victory over your main rivals?

Your arena will be displayed on your team profile page in all its glory!

You will be able to bookmark up to 20 players, matches, competitions and teams for easy access in the future.

You get access to your very own notebook for all those small notes you need to write down somewhere.

Community avatar
You can upload your own community avatar that will be shown not only on your forum posts, but on your personal messages to other managers as well!

Forum signature
You are able to add your own forum signature that will be displayed under all your posts.

Collect flags!
As in some other popular online games, you will be able to collect flags in friendly games. Each time you travel away to a friendly match in another country, the flag from that country will be added to your collection that is then displayed on your team profile screen.

No ads
Ads will not show on any pages, except those connected to your team sponsors (as they are a part of the game there anyway).

400 search limit
When you search for transfer listed players, your maximum search results will be 400 instead of 200.

Store more personal messages
Your inbox and archive folder will hold 80 messages (instead of 40) and your sent box will hold 20 (instead of 10).

Compare players!
As a supporter, you have compare players facility available to you, that let you easily compare two players.

Player faces!
As a supporter, you can see how the players look like. Gray icons on their profile page will be replaced with the graphical representation of their face.
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