Preseason schedule
The last match of the season, the final round of the League of Champions, will be played on Tuesday (06.10. at 18:00).
MKS Kasztelan Sierpc vs. Krasnale

Club rename: opens on Wednesday (07.10.) and closes next Wednesday (14.10.)
Season turnover: Wednesday (14.10.)

First official matches of season 31 will be on Saturday (17.10.)

World Cup (Romania) Schedule:
Wednesday (07.10.): World Cup, Group stage, round 1
Thursday (08.10.): World Cup, Group stage, round 2
Friday (09.10.): World Cup, Group stage, round 3
Sunday (11.10.): World Cup, knock-out stage, Quarterfinal
Tuesday (13.10.): World Cup, knock-out stage, Semifinal
Thursday (15.10.): World Cup, knock-out stage, Final
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