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Posted on 2024-06-06 22:43:00   
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Alexsoulsay wrote:

Many thanks to the admins of this game for systematically doing everything to make this game disgusting to the last active players.

You spend the whole season trying to play something with the NT team, and then in the morning there is no update on the playoffs, and when you come home from work, you lose the most important game by default, because you don't have time to set up tactic.

Is that supposed to be like a person online 24 hours??

NOTHING WORKS HERE. Every NT cycle the group tables are not updated, the same in CL. Always wrong schedule of groups, etc... I don't understand why the admin isn't a little ashamed. Or you better close it if you are no longer interested in the game.

The same problem, they set up the games for the same day to be played. Im out.

This is where we hold them!

Posted on 2024-06-08 16:42:25   
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Now that's the semi-finals that has not be played...

Bronz├ęs, barjots, costauds, experts, tels sont les Melons !
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