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Posted on 2019-04-23 18:28:39   
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Balthazor wrote:

...and promotion to League IV is quite realistic now if first tiebreaker is goal difference.With head-to-head I would miss it by one goal.
Probably I have to fight against relegation next season: many bots are yoyoing between L4 and L5 multiple times so there is clear difference of bot levels and I'm surely not better than those yoyo bots.

If you ever feel like going yoyo between L4 and L5, you'd rather be 2nd in L5. League bonus is way higher than 8th or below L4. But yeah, like some people said, you should probably buy 1 very good player with an average wage (3k-4k; don't do it like I did, with a 9k wage player... he literally eats my money). Fire old players and the ones with low work ethic. Don't focus on talent, but try to sell the players you get with high work ethic and high talent (4 and above) and you'll get there fast.

More important, you should know how wages are calculated. It is based on the highest skill of the player, so don't overtrain a single skill. Go switching between all of the important ones for the player. In that way, you get a decent guy to play with any effort and money spent.

About bot players, don't worry about them. If you can beat a full bot L5 league, you can do it in L4 as well, because bots don't train.

Anyway, you already got an 8k arena, I guess you could start trying to get to L3 and fight for promotion to L2. I'm on my way to do that.

Cheers from Portugal!

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