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Posted on 2014-06-13 21:58:38   
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I like very much handball, and this game is the best I have found, BUT it is too slow! One match per week is very boring, despite matches are very interesting. Why dont you change it to 3 or 2 per week? The change would be very benefitial in my opinion. More matches, more fun.
I would also suggest a kind of tournament or something like this, but that could be easily found where to join it, the friendly tournaments are quite difficult for new players.

In conclusion, PLEASE more matches per week!! Thats a great game and with more matches it would be much more interesting!!

PD: sorry for my english, Its not my mother tongue.

Posted on 2014-06-14 0:05:18   
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No worries, your English is pretty good.

It's already 2 matches per week if you bother with friendlies (and you should), and 3 as long as you're still in the Regional Cup.

Adding more matches would be problematic. The game engine is tuned so that a balance exists in the economics and the training regimen of the game. If more matches were added, the balance would be upset, and the game would be at risk of falling apart.

With more matches, you make more money. To re-balance the economics to fit the additional matches, you'd have to re-adjust player wages, change construction costs, staff wages, and so on. If not, upgrading your arena would be quicker, which would cause inflation of the game currency. Players would therefore also be quicker to train, and they would gain experience and team chemistry quicker.

Changing these things is not as simple as it sounds. This would be a massive update, and not one that this game needs at this point, IMO.

We're still waiting for that graphical overhaul the admins said they were going to implement at the start of the year.

Posted on 2014-06-16 16:16:50   
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I hadnt thought about that...I will try to know more about the game, its clear I havent read properly the guide! Lets try again, the overall game is pretty good!
Thanks for your reply

Posted on 2019-04-07 11:53:21   
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Let me start by saying I love the game. I even started a study of the game play in the Regional Cups, and National Teams. Once you can make the leap that it's not that great of a sim of real-life handball, and accept the game for what it is, the possibilities just open up. I am a supporter, and want to renew. But due to unforeseen financial difficulties, it doesn't look like I can at this time. I have a few ideas, but this is the most urgent of all of them. We really need to play two league games per week. Pan America plays Saturday afternoons, add a second game at a variable time difference, any time between Monday and Thursday. The rest of the world plays on Sunday, schedule their second game some time between Tuesday and Friday. Variable times would cause more site traffic. And giving newer players a chance to log in and something to keep up with will retain them better. Too many new players are quitting because they're bored and the game is hard. You guys really need to make this happen As Soon As Possible.

just sayin
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