6th International Molteno Cup
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Hello everyone!
We're back here to present the sixth edition of the international tournament of Molteno, now famous as "International Molteno Cup".
This tournament is making it bigger and more competitive; In fact, the figures from last year show that the tournament has become a global and not just European.
This tournament is now famous in this manager game Handball. Many teams may try new tactics, new players, new talent, fighting to the end to win the cup.
The tournament was won by Molteno 2 editions from Emerita AVGUSTA, an edition from LOVER and HC KOTKA and finally the last edition A.S.B.A.L. Handball.
The tournament will take place every Monday with the friendlies (the calendar you will be given at the end of the inscriptions), will take place with a group English (knockout) preceded by the qualifying rounds as in previous years, and as is currently the case in the Champions League ; in case of excess of available places for the tournament (48 teams) will be carried out of the preliminaries in direct confrontation.
The group will be drawn from some of the organizers and to authenticate this phase will be made a movie and posted on youTube.

The tournament will start on 26.01.2015, but in case of excess of available places the tournament will begin on 19.01.2015.
A NEW 'of this tournament is the prize; In fact there will be a real premium, the top two finishers, and will:
1st: Account Supporter of 12 months;
2nd: Account Supporter of three months.

Registration is open daily from 02.12.2014 until the day 30.12.2014, at 20.00! We expect very many !!!

You can sign up on the forum, under this topic, or by private message to:
-Lorenzo (Afyon Steelers);
-the dragon (Eagles Handball Team);
-Pilato (Blue Jays [/ teamid]);
-davide Tagni (
HC Rhinos Castle);
Manager, select T (Red Foxes).
To register, you must inform the team name, user name, the division into play here and the nation.

If you want to see the video presentation of youTube of this tournament click on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nggpukDSOWo

This year we have also created a website where we will post the results, rankings, news and much more ...
Link website: http://moltenocup.jimdo.com

Also for lovers of social networks, you can follow the official tournament pages on:
-Twitter "MoltenoCup" (https://twitter.com/MoltenoCup);
-Facebook "Radio Teamhb Italia" (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Radio-Teamhb-Italia/370638759751251?fref=ts);

Hopefully in your membership.
The organizers

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Teams, for now, included:
1) Afyon Steelers (ITA) ___________________ lorenzo (IV. 8)
2) Eagles Handball Team (ITA)______________ the dragon (III. 4)
3) Blue Jays (ITA) ________________________ Pilato (II. 2)
4) Hc Rhinos Castello (ITA) _______________ davide tagni (IV. 4)
5) SPTB Handball Team (ITA) _______________ SPTB Manager (IV. 25)
6) HC Molteno (ITA) _______________________ berry (IV. 19)
7) Mem's HC (ITA) _________________________ memsi (IV. 22)
8) CMIK Kungalv (SWE) _____________________ Jullan (II. 3)
9) HC ORTIGIA (ITA) _______________________ Ortigia (II. 3)
10) CLEVELAND BROWNS (ITA) _________________ mattia98 (V. 77)
11) Sakaret team (ITA) _____________________ Sakaret (III. 3)
12) Inter FC 1908 (ITA) ____________________ alessia j (IV. 6)
13) Best Coast Bombarders (USA) ____________ IHOCreturns (I. div)
14) Piceno Handball (ITA) __________________ Maxximo (III. 6)
15) Rosone Handball (ITA) __________________ leons1898 (III. 8)
16) Highfly Team (ITA) _____________________ Riccardo Lucarini (III. 8)
17) HC Masters (POL) _______________________ patrykmaster00 (IV. 17)
18) EMERITA AVGUSTA (ESP) __________________ gurmindo (II. 2)
19) A.S.B.A.L. Handball (ARG) ______________ Feinos (I. div)
20) Pallamano il Sentiero Noci (ITA) _______ giumastro (III. 1)
21) Ludoflina Lublin (POL) _________________ Krzysztof270291 (II. 3)
22) RK Sparta (BIH) ________________________ carevic (IV. 16)
23) Suevia Invictus (POR) __________________ carvalho (II. 3)
24) Club Balonmano Maracena (ESP) ___________ maracena bm (II. 1)
25) Cassano Handball Team (ESP) ____________ Cassano (I. div)
26) InXperia (CHI) _________________________ mseccatore (III. 8)
27) Yucatàn Handball (MEX) _________________ TeamVC (II. 3)
28) Indeseables (MEX) ______________________ Colima50 (III. 8)
29) Bengals Udine (ITA) ____________________ udinese1970 (II. 3)
30) LEONI RINATI (ITA) _____________________ josh1975 (III. 4)
31) AL MAKEREM DE MAHDIA (TUN) _____________ semyzeta (I. div)
32) fc brongio (ITA) _______________________ il brongese (IV. 25)
33) Juventus Fans Club (ITA) _______________ lukaas (IV. 15)
34) Makikazo Fu (ITA) ______________________ Walt3r (III. 2)
35) Roma Lanciani (ITA) ____________________ giusecm (IV. 15)
36) Atletico Cocanta (ITA) _________________ carlo (III. 9)
37) HC Mestrino Raptors (ITA) ______________ dejan997 (III. 6)
38) HC Sarmeola (ITA) ______________________ Ricky Lucarini (III. 8)
39) R.K. BOSNA VITEX VISOKO (BIH)___________ Adnan (II. 1)
40) Pallamano Firenze La Torre (ITA) _______ alino070468 (III. 2)
41) Hc Dubrava Galacticos (CRO) ____________ Leopold Brka (II. 2)
42) the handball killer (ITA) ______________ Cotten (III. 5)
43) HBC Nantes (FRA) _______________________ jcloitre (I. div)
44) A.C.H.A. Handball (ARG) ________________ xeneize (II. 2)
45) S.A.G Villa Ballester (ARG) ____________ Nicolas21 (II .3)
46) Club Balonmano Ferrol (ESP) ____________ verde (II. 1)
47) Braga Yellow Demons (POR) ______________ ferros (II. 3)
48) Braga ABC (POR) ________________________ jmfaria (II. 1)
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