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Posted on 2013-12-04 23:55:51   
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Hi all,I would like to present the first assessment tool for players to THB.THB-TPV(Total Player Value)

This tool is made with the experience in the game of many important managers of THB and more is to assess the correct position of the players on the field by means of a numerical rating of their abilities given character,height,talent,experience,team chemistry,etc,etc,better evaluating your current position in the field according to the chosen tactics and formation.

The tool was made ​​with the intention of helping more junior managers in the game (and not so novice too),this way you can avoid the massive abandonment of novice managers not understanding the game properly in the beginning...

Everyone who wants to get this tool send me a private message telling me your email address so that we can activate

I hope this helps the most novice managers...Greetings to all .

Posted on 2013-12-05 6:46:48   
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Cik sapratu , aktivizācija ir par maksu (caur SMS)!!

To viņš te aizmirsa pateikt !
Iesaku nekādus e-pastus nevienam nedot !

Ja tiešām viņš grib palīdzēt menedžeriem ,tad lai iedod linku uz lejuplādi bez maksas ! (kaut kādu biznesa plānu atradis ,kur piepelnīties )
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